Rogue Bit

26 avr. 2019
21 mars 2019

Explorez, hackez et Ă©chappez-vous !


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Publié par Bigosaur
79,000 Mo
Version ATJMB

explore, hack, escape

Publié par Bigosaur
79,000 Mo
Version ATJMA

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Un petit morceau de mémoire d'ordinateur est devenu sensible et a décidé de s'échapper du numérique vers le monde réel. Explorez la RAM, modifiez les octets et piratez le code machine ainsi que les registres CPU pour le libérer.
A single bit of computer memory became sentient and decided to escape
from digital into the real world. Explore RAM, modify bytes and hack
machine code and CPU registers to set it free.

The game is about the way computers work internally. Having some
programming knowledge makes the game easier, but it isn't required. All
the elements required to solve the puzzles are explained in the game.

How does it play?

You play the game as a single bit of computer memory. You can invade
other bytes around you and thus modify their values. The game features
various types of puzzles:

1. Explore

With ability to XOR into adjacent bytes, you can navigate your way
through existing data in the memory. The game automatically marks the
bytes you cannot go through without getting yourself overwritten and
prevents you entering those. Both binary and ASCII views are available,
which you can utilize to find an open path for a particular puzzle.

2. Decipher programs

Various programs run on the computer you are trying to escape from. The
game includes a disassembler showing you the assembly language
corresponding to the machine code that is being executed. Don't worry if
you don't know any Assembly. There are only a handful of CPU
instructions and they are introduced gradually as you complete the
puzzles. Reading the assembly code, you can track the program logic, see
which parts of RAM it reads and writes to and manipulate data in those
locations to get the program to do what you want.

3. Invade CPU registers

The computer you are trying to escape has a simple CPU with a couple of
registers. You can trick the CPU to load yourself into the registers and
affect code execution or offload yourself into otherwise unreachable
memory locations.

4. Hack

For some puzzles, it isn't enough to change the data in RAM or
registers. You can also change the machine code to get the computer to
do different things.

Gameplay Tips:

Carefully observe the bytes on the screen and what the CPU is doing.
Sometimes you need to read the code in straightforward manner. Sometimes
you need to work your way backwards: find the line of the code you want
executed and then trace the code backwards to figure out how to trick
the CPU to get to that instruction.

The game only has about 30 puzzles, but some of those might take
considerable effort to solve. So take it easy and don't rush to the end.
If you solve a puzzle by accident, don't go forward until you understand
why it happened. You might miss some small detail and get completely
stuck on the next puzzle.

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