31 oct. 2018
31 oct. 2018

Un jeu de tir spatial où les mathématiques sont vos armes !


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Publié par Neurodio
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Version ARS8A

Fly your spaceships! Rescue your dog! Train maths while playing!

Publié par Neurodio
1,474 Go
Version ARS8A

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Jeu de l'espace qui entraîne les mathématiques !
Numbala takes you on an adventure to save your dog friend while chasing
the mysterious space whale in this beautiful, award-winning space
shooter. Learning maths should be fun. It is the game that can give your
child an edge at school!

Numbala is more than a game for children. It is a cognitive training
designed to teach kids mathematics. As we first learn about numbers, our
minds create the so-called mental numeric axis. It is the way the human
mind arranges numbers in space in relation to each other.

It is the basis of all mathematics further on and… it can be trained! As
you move your finger on the control panel in Numbala, or move your
JoyCon, your mind creates a connection between a number and its position
in space. Thus, your ability to add and subtract numbers is being
improved without you even noticing the process.

The game has been designed in cooperation with neuroscientists and
tested on more than one hundred children. Having played Numbala, they
have shown an improvement in response time and response correctness.

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